RC Life: Livin' Large with Tiny Cars

Follow a retired New York plumber-turned-RC hobby shop owner, his self-proclaimed redneck wife native to Florida, their giant comedian son, their best employee (who also happens to be an athletic “little person”), and a loveable 200+ lb. mastiff puppy as they do their best to run a business deep in the ever-growing national subculture of the eclectic, if not downright bizarre, RC vehicle enthusiasts. Built from the ground-up in what used to be an abandoned warehouse in small-town America where everyone wants to be recognized as someone special, hundreds of RC car junkies strive for their 15 minutes of fame every week. This ‘RC Life’ community has built a sanctuary where local RC racers compete on equal ground in tournaments where anyone from anywhere can rise to the top. Those that snatch glory from the jaws of defeat reach local stardom, and those that fail paint a giant target on the backs of the winners for the next race.

RC Life is the story of the RC (Remote/Radio Control) Racing Subculture, and how they’re “Livin’ Large with Tiny Cars.”

  • Materials Available
    • 2-Page version Docu-Style Reality Pitch
    • 10-Page version Docu-Style Reality Pitch
    • DVD (Computer & TV Playable) Sizzle Reel

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